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How to Clean Curtains?

We all have a different purpose to use curtains, the most common is to cover doors or windows. However, Curtains has important significance in the art world. They’re used as a symbol of opening and closing. The interpretation of the curtain is to hide something. It also considered as a gateway to another dimension which… Read More »

Why Professional Curtain & Blind Cleaning is Important?

Why Professional Curtain & Blind Cleaning is Important? Curtain & Blinds Cleaning often ignored by most of the people. However, home drapery most likely to absorb to the outside dust  & dirt. If not cleaned on time curtain & blind will look dull & filthy. Our Curtain cleaning specialists will get rid of stains &… Read More »

5 Benefits of Curtain Cleaning

There are many benefits of curtain cleaning services. Here are top 5 benefits of curtain steam or dry cleaning service. Add beauty to your home Drapery cleaning prevents mould growth Curtain Steam Cleaning Avoid Allergies Removes dust particles, dust mites and contaminants Prolong life your drapery   See benefits in cleaning your curtains. Do not… Read More »

Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing Curtains for Your Bedroom

Our curtains impact our home décor in more than one ways. Curtains not only add to the beautiful look of the rooms but also filter the extra sunlight, dust coming from the outside environment. Thus, curtains have multiple roles to play in general. However, with an array of curtains, it becomes tough to choose the… Read More »