Best Cleaning Tips for Curtains in The Kitchen

By | August 28, 2020

Cleaning kitchen curtains is undoubtedly one of the difficult tasks. The kitchen curtains tend to get dirtier compared to other curtains in your home. You can find many grease stains and oil stains on the kitchen curtains. Moreover, sometimes you even find the food stains which look ugly and destroy the look of your drapery. Every homeowner wishes to have a beautiful kitchen and the curtain adds beauty to it. Experts advise cleaning the kitchen curtain regularly to increase the life of it and to eliminate the stains and dirt accumulated in the fabric. 

Best Cleaning Tips for Curtains in The Kitchen
Best Cleaning Tips for Curtains in The Kitchen

The other thing is kitchen curtains also smell bad so it is very essential to clean it with proper solution and method to make it look fresh and beautiful. A gleamy curtain in the kitchen will give you a good vibe when you go for cooking. There are many kitchen curtain cleaning tips given below which you can follow for receiving the better result:

Tips To Clean The Kitchen Curtains:

  • Use The Suitable Detergent:

    The first and important tip to clean the kitchen curtain is using a suitable and strong detergent to wash the curtains. A good detergent works wonderfully in removing all the stains, dirt, and other contaminants present in your kitchen drapery. So whenever you get down to clean your kitchen curtains, make sure to choose the mild detergent. 
  • Make Use of Lukewarm Water or Cool Water:

    To get a more effective result, it is also suggested to use the lukewarm or cool water. So whenever you use the washing machine to clean the curtain ensure to put it on gentle cycle mode and make use of lukewarm water. This will help in eliminating the deep stains as well.
  • Sanitize The Curtain:

    To remove the bad odour residing in your curtains you can even make use of baking soda. Make sure to check whether the baking soda is suitable for your curtain fabric and then to go for it. Baking soda is considered as one of the best natural sanitizing solutions. 
  • Dry The Curtain Thoroughly:

    Let the curtain thoroughly dry. Do not use the curtain when it is slightly wet so that there is no chance of mould growth. You can either keep the curtains on a clothesline or keep them in the clothing dryer by turning the settings to non-heat or delicate mode. If you choose to dry the curtain without the help of any machine then exposure to sunlight is also beneficial for the curtain fabric. 
curtain cleaning in Melbourne
curtain cleaning in Melbourne

Take The Help Of Professionals

Sometimes you might not get the best cleaning result and need to take the help of professional curtain cleaners. We at My Home Curtain Cleaner have the best team of experts who are well trained to provide the finest curtain cleaning in Melbourne. We use Eco-friendly solutions to clean the kitchen curtain. Our cleaning method is very safe and effective. We assure you that your kitchen curtain will start gleaming again with our cleaning. Reach out to us today to book our exceptional service.

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