Guide for Curtain Cleaning

By | June 6, 2022

Curtains play a vital role as dust resistant which makes the quality of air good to breathe. It is important to keep clean your curtains at particular intervals.  

Cleaning and maintaining the curtains 

To wash or clean your curtains one should go through the label that is attached to the curtain. The most durable method of washing the curtain is with hand. The method of handwashing is best suited for silk or velvet curtains. The delicate products should not be kept to wash in the washing machine. The most prominent way to clean the curtains is with sturdy materials. For the other kinds of materials, dry cleaning is the best and most effective way.  

Handwashing of the curtains 

All types of fabric can be washed with the help of the way. This is also the most convenient way. Clean the curtains while handwashing needs much effort and consumption of time. While keeping in mind that the silk fabric or any other exported material should be washed with the mild detergent soap.  You can also Contact Us now

Ingredients should be mild:

The detergent’s ingredients should be checked that how much they are concentrated. Do not use hot water for the curtains to wash. The use of cold water is a safe way to clean. Avoid the use of washing equipment they may cause damage to the fabric of the curtain. The best and safest way to dry is to use the air because dry-cleaning in a machine and steam will cause a much longer duration.  

Dry cleaning of the curtains 

The light dry cleaning with the colored curtains is the best. The fabric can be caused damage or can be shrieked while using the different kinds of washing methods. The color can be drained out which will lead to discoloring. So, one has to be very cautious while the process.  

Guide to dry clean the curtains:

The solution of dry cleaning should be followed by the proper guidelines. At the step pour some detergent on the little surface of the curtain if the color remains the same then proceed for further cleaning. The instructions on the label should be carefully followed. The curtains should be cleaned separately. To dry the curtain hang them far from the sun rays because heat will lead to the color fading of the curtain.  

Steam cleaning of the curtains 

Steam is used for cleaning purposes so that the deposited dust can be removed. The dirt and cobwebs are not always visible so they need deep nourishment. The steamers should be used from down to upwards direction. Then repeat the process from upwards to downwards. The stains that are not cleaned after the washing process. Then apply the stain remover to clean the fabric of the curtain.  

Machine washing of the curtains 

The process of machine washing makes the My Home Curtain Cleaners in lesser time. This is the simplest tip to wash the fabric of the curtains. Do not use hot water for the washing process that will shrink the cloth. So, use cold water for the washing. Maintain a decent temperature for the washing purpose and then use the dryer.  

The dry cycle should be kept in the delicate mode. The use of cold water with the slow speed of the dry cycle would be the perfect combination for the curtains. Do not use hard washing powered or detergents that will cause harm to the fabric.