How Do You Clean Non Removable Curtains

By | June 8, 2022

Many people replace their curtains because they find it difficult to take them down, wash the curtains, and re-hang them. Curtain cleaning at home is the best idea to keep your curtains in tip-top condition without taking them down first. Professional curtain cleaning becomes very easy if you have the correct tools at your disposal. 

Professional Curtain Cleaning
Professional Curtain Cleaning
  • Vacuum

Vacuum cleaning is the best way to clean curtains if you are dealing with dust. To access the top of the curtains use ladders and a step. Try to use a cleaning system that is mobile and lightweight. Keep both hands free to do this safely. To get rid of the stubborn dust, & dirt use a vacuum.

  • Brush away any tiny fibers

Sometimes dust and dirt can stick to the fabric fibers during vacuuming. For Curtain Cleaning Deals, you can use a lint roller or brush if your vacuum cleaner hasn’t removed all the lint. Take help from someone to pull the curtains outwards and flat for you while you are cleaning.

  • Use power of steam

A vacuum won’t be sufficient for the greasy curtains and unsightly stains on curtains. With the power of steam, you can remove stains without taking your curtains down. Use a handheld steam cleaner to dislodge stains and dirt from curtains to cover every square inch in small sections. If you have thick curtains and are made of natural fibers then this method is effective.

  • Deodorize

To remove unwanted odors from curtains use a good steam cleaner. But if any odor is left then you can take extra steps such as deodorizer in the spray. This helps to make your curtains fresh and clean. Keep a bowl of baking powder and essential oil on the windowsill to keep your surrounding areas fresh.

  • Clean windows with cloth

The curtains often become dirty or stained if your windows are dirty. Don’t do extra efforts by spraying on cloth, and not the window pane itself. It becomes easy for the cleaning agents, grease, and dirt to find their way onto curtains. 

After cleaning and during an average week, give your curtains fresh air. This will help to prevent the build-up of mold and unwanted odors.


When you inspect your curtains then the amount of dust and dirt depends upon the fabric of the curtains. Curtain Cleaning Canberra is the best idea to take away the dirt but after regular cleaning, dirt may penetrate the base strains. Regularly before you clean your room’s floor, give the curtains a good shake to dislodge any dust. Firstly identify the material and after that use different cleaning methods for different curtains. It’s not important to go to the expense of professionally clean curtains because cleaning at home while hanging also delivers good results.