How To Clean Curtains Without Removing Them?

By | July 9, 2021

Curtains and blinds play a pivotal role in our daily life. They not just add sophistication to your room but keep your home clean and pollution-free. However, there is some difference in the draperies based on the materials. Some of them are thick enough to inhibit outside lights. And some are just for coverings only. But, no matter what the purpose is, these draperies get dirty faster than you can imagine. Therefore, they need frequent cleaning to keep the shine intact. The curtains get the most exposure to dirt and dust after floor carpets. So, if you want to maintain the hygiene of your home, you must keep a close eye on your draperies.

However, it is not possible to put the curtains down and wash them twice a month. But, you cannot let it pass if any of the family suffers from allergies. So, what are you going to do to clean your curtains without removing them? If you want to know how you have to stay with us.

Steps You Can Follow To Clean Curtains Without Removing Them Are:

Brush And Comb Your Curtains Time To Time

One of the easiest and hassle-free curtain cleaning processes is brushing and combing. For that, you don’t need a lot of items. A comb and a curtain brush will be enough to clean the draperies. It is always better to begin from top to bottom. You can use a thick board to get some additional support from the base. Put the curtain over the board and start combing the curtain from one direction. It will help in losing the dirt and dust build-ups. Once you have done combing, take the curtain brush and run over the curtain from top to bottom. The bristles will catch the dirt and pollutants.

Moreover, there are some dry cleaning solutions available in the market. You can spray them over your curtain. The substance will bind to the dirt particles and get bigger. So, it becomes easy to brush them off from the curtain.

Vacuum Your Curtains

Depending on the curtain materials, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean your curtains. However, some curtain materials are delicate. So it is better to read the manufacturer’s instructions before incorporating a vacuum cleaner into the process.

Once you check the curtain condition, start cleaning your curtains with a vacuum cleaner. However, it will be better to keep the power on low. Otherwise, you may end up spreading the dust all over the place. If you are allergic to dust, make sure to wear protective gear to prevent unnecessary health hazards.

Curtain Steaming

Steaming is one of the best curtain cleaning methods. Therefore, you cannot remove the curtains from the hangers, use an upholstery nozzle to steam clean your curtains.  However, there are so many varieties of curtains in the market. And each curtain has different heat sensitivity. Therefore, if you use the heat inconsiderately, you may end up damaging your curtain. So, if possible, read the manufacturer’s instructions to run the process. In case there are no such restrictions, start with low heat and gradually increase the temperature.

Furthermore, if you want detailed curtain cleaning, you can add some cleaning solution to clean the curtains. However, it is mandatory to start from the top to avoid extra cleaning.

Vacuum Drying

Whether you steam clean or not, proper drying is necessary. Otherwise, the wet condition will spread unwanted smells and can form molds. Therefore, use your vacuum dryer to blow dry the curtain. You can use your regular dryer to do the same.

Moreover, in the drying procedure, you can check the curtain thoroughly. And if you find any spot or clumped area, you can clean it right away, followed by drying.

You Can Hire Professional Curtain Cleaners

To avoid any issues, it will be better to clean your curtains twice a month. But, if you have some health conditions, cleaning once a week seems a better choice. However, it is not possible to clean them at home weekly. So, you can seek help from your local curtain cleaners. The professionals have adequate experience and expertise in different types of curtains. So, the expert curtain cleaners can assure you of a neat, clean, and pollutants-free curtain without removing them from the hanger. So, whenever you feel that the curtains need cleaning, you can contact My Home Curtain Cleaner or other local service providers for an affordable curtain cleaning service at home.

With healthy practice, you can avoid dirty curtains. And with these simple curtain cleaning methods, you can keep them clean effortlessly.