How to clean the curtains without dry cleaning?

By | June 7, 2022

If you want to clean the curtains then dry cleaning is the safest and the best method of all. But often, you may want to save the costs of the same. If you have time and you want to clean the curtains without giving them a dry clean then you can follow a few steps and clean the curtains. But remember, curtain cleaning without dry cleaning will ask for some time and only if you have that much time, you should get into this sort of commitment. Check the label and read the washing and cleaning instructions for home curtains cleaning.

  1. Opt for stain removal and vacuum cleaning as the first step

The first step for cleaning the curtains should be stain removal and vacuum cleaning. So, the first vacuum cleans the whole curtain so that the curtains are not left with any dust particles. Now, remove the stains by spot cleaning. You must apply vinegar in the stained area and try to remove the same with a small gentle brush. Once you are done with this step, you can move further. Do you want to know How Professional Curtain Cleaning Can Help You?

  1. Wash the curtains in the washing machine or prefer hand wash

Depending upon the fabric of the curtains you can decide to soak the curtains in water and then use a hand wash method or machine wash method. Once in a while such a shampooing or deep cleaning method is vital. This is because it can help in removing filth and bad odor. Pre-soak the curtains before you wash them. You can soak them for 25 minutes and then wash them off. Are you looking out for Why Commercial Curtain Cleaning is Imperative

  1. Dry the curtains

You must now let the curtains dry up naturally on the drying rack. It will take some time and once it gets dry you should install the same. 

  1. You can clean the curtain with the bonnet cleaning method

If you do not want to give the curtains dry clean but you wish to use a bonnet or surface cleaning method then you can do so. For that, you should take water and vinegar spray and then spray lightly over the curtains and then take a clean cloth and move it around the surface of the curtains. This method will be effective but before that, you must follow the vacuum cleaning step. You can also clean the stains with a special stain remover or vinegar and baking soda mix. This means that curtain cleaning without dry cleaning is very much possible. But you need to figure out what system works for you in the best way.


It is important to keep the curtains clean as it would otherwise be a home ground for dust and germs. You can use varied methods to clean the curtains depending upon the method that is suitable for you. Check the Curtain Cleaning Brisbane instructions on the curtains and decide how you need to take the right steps. Decide the method and work towards executing the same so that the curtains become dust-free and look like a new one.