Top 4 Methods For Washing Curtains

By | June 18, 2022

If you want to keep your curtains in tip-top condition then washing curtains is the best way. Curtains absorb smoke and the smell of cooking from the surroundings which make them discolored. Follow the best method for cleaning and washing curtains.

Here are quick methods for curtain washing

1. Cleaning in the washing machine

Normally people don’t prefer cleaning curtains in a machine but washing in a machine depends upon the material of curtains. Avoid washing heavy material curtains in the machine as they can hold the water and the chances of shrinkage are higher. So always check the curtains label before washing in the machine. 

  • If your machine has a delicate cycle then use it or for a slow spin, you can use a cool wash. 
  • Add laundry detergent to the machine.
  • Wash only lightweight curtains in the machine. 

2. Handwashing curtains

Washing Curtains with your hands is one of the safest methods. Use laundry detergent and soap which are specially used for washing delicates to avoid any damage to the material. Beforehand washing read all laundry instructions. Hand wash curtains reduce the chances of shrinkage. But if curtains are heavy then you are not able to wash them with hands and curtain drying time also increases. 

3. Steam Cleaning

One of the most convenient guides for curtain cleaning is a good quality steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Start from the top to the end and always check the manufacturer’s instructions before using a steam cleaner. Burning chances are high with steam so wear appropriate clothing. If your curtains are made of heavy fabric and difficult to take down from the rail then steam cleaning is a good option. 

4. Dry clean your curtains

If You have light and colorful curtains then dry cleaning is the best way to wash Curtains. You need to be careful because washing can shrink, damage the curtain or maybe drain their colors. You can bring the dry cleaning kit home and read all the instructions mentioned on it. Pour detergent on an unnoticeable area to check that fabric is colorfast. Don’t go with this option if you notice color fades. 

Prepare curtains for the washer

Before cleaning your curtains it’s important to shake them off properly so that dust doesn’t cling to the curtains fibers. During the shake, the cycle makes sure no hooks snag your curtains. In the curtain cleaning process take off all removable hardware. Certain curtains came with instructions like dry cleaning, hand wash and lay flat to dry only and some specific methods. Washing Curtains is the best way to brighten up window displays. After washing if any dust particles are left then vacuum them. 


After washing the curtains and rehanging them, clean all valances. Use a vacuum and crevice tool or liquid detergent solution and water to clean the valances. With the help of a ladder insert the hook but make sure curtains don’t drag on the floor. You can hire professional curtain cleaning services in Adelaide if you don’t have enough time to wash your curtains.